Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the domestic market

In the interview, Jordan said, "I have never really been involved in shoe sales work, but this is recognized as the best sport shoes, quality of the past few years is not satisfactory, I refuse to continue to go on like this." It was revealed that he himself, he often collect shoe lovers after retirement advice, found that most people are engraved on the basketball shoe quality is quite unhappy, and new design ideas and Jordan their preferences are not harmonious, so he would choose to exit. And on the network crazy biography is another way of saying, Jordan is extremely dissatisfied with the brand marketing strategy, because this strategy makes a lot of real love of people can not buy shoes, or must be through higher prices to buy shoes.
   Come from 1985 the first double Jordan exclusive basketball shoes, due in 2015 Jordan and brand sponsorship contract, just is the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the brand. Asked to copy manufacturers have plans to continue production of the shoes, Jordan answered simply: "from 2015, the brand will cease to exist, whether I will create a new brand, the future. Who can say?"
   In 2013, Jordan series launched after the lapse of years is the generation of shoes, shape to subvert the traditional AJXX8, and adopted a series of high-tech means, rapid capture global sneaker. In the domestic market, the price of XX8 is up to more than 2500 yuan. Last month, Jordan series launched a AJ11 generation for the original Jordan future (Jordan future), in the domestic market has been speculation the 3200 yuan. Therefore, when the news, most sneaker didn't believe Jordan will now choose to break up.

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