Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shoe fans tremble! Jordan shoes!

Yesterday, shoe fan coil blasted pot, because Michael Jordan in a radio interview revealed himself, he would end with his endorsement of a shoe brand for up to 30 years of cooperation. From 1985 years ago, have him exclusive LOGO (logo) shoes globally popular, especially in the last two years continuously engraved classic shoes is to allow more fans scramble for shoes. And now, Jordan attitude is likely to make the leading global shoe city famous basketball shoes to become history, the future, probably, never to see these classic shoes. One year sales $2250000000 shoes fans don't believe will break up
   Statistics in the 2013 North American sneaker market, selling the best is not James, not Durant, not Kobe these players, to Jordan named "Air Jordan" series of sales to more than $2250000000 at first, almost is the sum of the top three shoes sales. And Jordan himself to get $60000000, occupy the personal annual income of 2/3.
   In 2013, Jordan series launched after the lapse of years is the generation of shoes, shape to subvert the traditional AJXX8, and adopted a series of high-tech means, rapid capture global sneaker. In the domestic market, the price of XX8 is up to more than 2500 yuan. Last month, Jordan series launched a AJ11 generation for the original Jordan future (Jordan future), in the domestic market has been speculation the 3200 yuan. Therefore, when the news, most sneaker didn't believe Jordan will now choose to break up.

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