Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jordan basketball shoes series introduction

In February 17, 1963, just an ordinary day, New York Brooklyn ghetto, here full of street violence and drugs. Ushered in a black family arrived a small life, one for the parents are pleased with this little baby, he worried that their families may not be able to afford the support of fourth children. But nobody know the baby grew up to change the world.
    For Jordan our memory of many, here not say God in a variety of excellent field performance, only at the foot of God - Jordan basketball shoes series. The 1 generation Jordan issued from the beginning by the Union banned, because when the Bulls coach does not allow God to wear this pair of shoes, the reason is not coordinated with the team colors, while David Stern is on Jordan out of tickets, the first $1000 of the $2000, several times, until the last game 5000 dollars, which finally led to Joe 1 Crazy panic buying. Nike has also shaken the first position Converse in basketball shoes on. Jordan 1 generation uses white black red, hard rubber outsole, no science and technology content, in fact this pair of shoes is very cumbersome, but it is the beginning of an era.
    The design of the 2 generation Jordan succinct is the main reason for its many fans, he moved to the basketball from the shoe tongue. The content of science and technology this shoe is still not high, is still a hard wear-resistant outsole, but at the vamp material about a lot, the shoes debut in 1986.

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